IRBY: Providing Affordable Homes and Apartments for Rent in Mobile, Alabama

Whether you’re looking for a starter apartment, a large home or needing a commercial space to start your new business– we’ve got you covered. With Irby you can expect fast, friendly and professional service from our team of experts. Apply today and start your new chapter with Irby!

Looking for your next rental home? Find it with IRBY

We know that the search for housing in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas can get overwhelming. At Irby, we’re more than happy to guide you through the process of touring your new home, the application process and more. Once you are a resident with Irby, we will continue to provide excellent service by providing fast, friendly service.

Current Available Properties

Get Your Application Sorted

Not sure what you need to get for your tenancy application? Need a little help with understanding the requirements? We’re more than happy to help!

Pay Your Rent Securely

Don’t worry about depositing your hard-earned money to the wrong account. With our online tools, we can help you make sure that you pay on time, every time.

Get Section 8 Housing

There’s no shame in asking for help. So, if you need affordable housing options, call IRBY at 251-333-RENT to find out how we can help you with Section 8 housing.

Get Repairs Done Quickly

We know that it’s better to repair something now before it becomes a bigger problem. So, contact us ASAP if you see something that needs a little TLC.


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