Top 5 Things Saraland Tenants Look For in a Rental Property - Banner

If you want to rent your Saraland property quickly, you have to think like a tenant. What do residents want when they’re preparing to move into a new home? How can you set your home apart from the competing properties that are also in the rental market?

At IRBY Property Management, we have placed a lot of tenants in a lot of rental homes. Today, we’re haring the top five things that good tenants look for when they’re renting a property.

1. Good Tenants Seek Value

Tenants today are pretty educated on the rental market. They have access to much of the same data that you do. When they’re scrolling through listings on Zillow and Zumper and HotPads and other rental sites, they’re getting a good idea of what properties like yours are renting for. They know what they’re willing to pay.

It’s important to be responsive to this. You want to earn as much as you can on your property, but don’t’ overprice it. Tenants won’t bother seeing it. That will set you up for a long vacancy and a lot of lost rent. Provide a good property for a fair rental price. That value will attract tenants to your home.

2. Location is an Important Factor 

You don’t have to be a real estate expert to understand that location is critical when it comes to selling homes. It’s important for rental properties, too. Tenants want to be in a good location, where there are schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and other conveniences. Unless a tenant is specifically looking for a remote and isolated home, providing a property that’s central to work, school, and entertainment and recreational opportunities is important. Think about this when you’re purchasing an investment property. Will the location attract tenants and increase your rental value? 

3. Well-Maintained Homes are in High Demand

You wouldn’t move into a home that had broken appliances, scratched floors, and faded paint. Tenants won’t, either. Good residents are looking for well-maintained homes where everything is functional and attractive. Pay attention to your curb appeal. Make sure the home is professionally cleaned before you start showing it. Conduct a thorough inspection so you know everything works the way it should. 

A good tenant is not going to rent a home that’s in disrepair. Make maintenance a priority.

4. Modern Upgrades and Updates

It’s important that your appliances aren’t from the 1970s. Tenants don’t want that old brassy lighting in the bathrooms and they don’t want to see wood paneling in the living room. 

Part of your plan to attract and retain tenants should be implementing cost-effective upgrades and updates. Replace any old carpet or install hard surface flooring that’s easier to maintain. Install energy-efficient appliances and lighting. Even new fixtures on sinks and cupboards can make a difference and make a space look new. 

You don’t have to renovate your entire property. But, when you’re working hard to attract well-qualified tenants, it’s a good idea to make your property modern and comfortable.  

5. Professional Saraland Property Management

property managerTenants prefer renting from a professional Saraland property manager rather than an independent landlord. They know they can count on conveniences like online rental payments, immediate responsiveness when it comes to maintenance and emergencies, and legal compliance that protects their rights and privacy. 

We can provide a better rental experience for you and your tenants. If you have any questions or you’d like to talk more about what tenants are looking for and how to offer it, contact our team at IRBY Property Management.