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At IRBY Property Management, we have been active in the local real estate and property management industry for more than five decades. We’re a locally owned and operated company that was built by the IRBY family and continues to be a leader in the communities and neighborhoods we serve. 

When you need professional property management in Northern Alabama and Wayne County, Tennessee, we want you to think of us. There are many excellent reasons to work with our talented team. Today, we’re focusing on just a few of them, and inviting you to contact us for more information about your unique management needs.

Local Experts and Industry Professionals

Our company was founded in the 1970s, and since that time, we’ve been busy developing, constructing, and professionally managing the multi-family homes and apartment buildings that we manage. We understand everything there is to know about building, leasing, managing, and maintaining residential real estate. 

The team members you work with are local to the area in which your property is located, which means we understand the rental values for your neighborhood, the typical tenant population, and the potential for growth in the area. 

We’re also active in the property management industry. Our staff members are encouraged to grow professionally, and that includes ongoing education. We look for ways to improve all the time, and we stay up to date on all the latest property management technology and best practices as well as fair housing regulations and other laws pertaining to your investment.

Rising the Standard of Customer Service

Property management is about relationships, and we work hard to establish and maintain excellent relationships with our owners, tenants, and the entire community. We believe property owners deserve exceptional services that result in a successful investment experience. We believe tenants deserve a home that’s safe, comfortable, and habitable. 

We value communication and we’re responsive to the needs of all our customers. If there’s anything we can do to make your investment experience better – let us know. We’re easy to reach and happy to help.

Diverse Properties in Desirable Neighborhoods

rental houseOne of the best reasons to work with us is the array of properties we manage for owners and investors like you. The experience we’ve gathered over the last 40+ years extends to all sorts of properties. We work with conventional rental homes, Section 8 homes, and properties that benefit from various tax and rural development programs. We can expertly manage your single-family home, your multi-family home, or units in an apartment building.

Whether you currently have properties that need management or you’re thinking about buying an investment that will earn immediate cash flow and long term returns, we can help you. Our tools, resources, and vast experience will assist you in identifying the best opportunities. 

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you have a better investment experience. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about property management or the local real estate market and how it can work for you. Contact our team at IRBY Property Management.