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Tenants become frustrated over two things during the rental process: maintenance concerns that are unaddressed and move-in processes that are disorganized and complicated. 

A good way to provide excellent customer service to your tenants and ensure everyone has a pleasant rental experience is by using a move-in checklist for your Saraland rental property. There are a lot of details and documentation that needs the attention of both the owner and the tenant. 

We recommend a checklist during the move-in process, and these are the things that should be on it.

Walk Through the Property to Identify Move-In Maintenance Needs

Before your tenant starts moving in, do a thorough walk-through of your property to make sure everything is functional and ready for occupancy. You want to put your eyes on the place one final time before you turn over the keys. The first thing on your condition checklist should be any repairs that need to be made before the move-in date. Take care of even the little things. Have chipped paint taken care of and make sure all the outlets work. Test every appliance and turn on the water in each faucet. 

This inspection and checklist will allow you to create a property condition report. You’ll certify that everything is in good working order at move-in, and you’ll document the condition of your property. This inspection will also help you eliminate any early maintenance requests. You’ll also show your new residents that the care and condition of your property is important to you.

If there are any repairs that need to be made, get your vendors lined up before the move-in date. All work must be completed and checked off the list before your tenant takes possession of the home.

Cleaning is a Move-In Checklist Item

A clean home is important, not only because tenants deserve to move into a property that’s free of dirt and debris but also because you expect to get the home returned in clean condition at the end of the lease term. Use your move-in condition checklist to confirm that floors, sinks, tubs, and toilets are free of dirt, debris, and dust. 

Hire professional cleaners to take care of every detail before the tenant moves in, and make sure your checklist reflects that all standards of cleanliness have been met. 

Making this a checklist item is important because it establishes your standards. You’re showing tenants how you expect the property to look after they move out.

Sign the Checklist with Your Saraland Tenants

lease agreementThe best reason to use a move-in checklist is to document the condition of your property with notes, pictures, videos, and signatures. This is essential, because you’ll use the same checklist to compare how the property looks at the end of the lease term. This will impact whether the security deposit is returned in full, in part, or not at all.

Once you have completed and signed the checklist, provide your tenants with the opportunity to make any of their own observations on the condition of the property at move-in. Keep this in your records and refer to it when you’re inspecting the property at move-out. 

A move-in checklist protects you and it protects your property. It also helps your residents because they shouldn’t be held responsible for pre-existing issues that may be present in the home. We can help you with this or any of your Saraland property management needs. Please contact us at IRBY Property Management with any questions.